Skived Fin Technology

Skived fin heat sink


The advantages of the heat sink produced by the skived fin technology are as follows:

The skived fin heat sink has a higher heat sink fin density, improve the thermal performance.


The height of the skived fin can reach 130mm, fully meet the production needs of most heat sinks.


The fins of the skived fin heat sink can be made thinner, can do 0.05mm-2mm, which can make the heat sink more lightweight.


the skived fin heat sink cutted up from the original profile, so the thermal performance efficiency is lossless, to achieve the original profile of 100% heat dissipation efficiency, and there will be no loose fall off and other risks, improve the reliability of the machine operation.


The compatibility of the skived fin heat sink is high, the possibility of later processing is also large, but also can cooperate with the buried copper pipe and other processes to improve the heat dissipation performance.


The performance and efficiency of the skived fin are constantly improved, and the material of the skived fin is constantly improved, which has been suitable for mass production.

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