With the increasing integration of servers, such as Intel's server, a large number of popular use, and the server market gradually heating up the server situation. As a server heat sink manufacturer, We attach great importance to server cooling, so Lori's server heat sink plays a great role in the server cooling system. Because the server uses the CPU frequency is usually high, some or double CPU or even more CPU, coupled with high speed SCSI hard disk and high-power power supply, the heat emitted by these components is usually very large, so the air quickly becomes hot, have an efficient server heatsink is very important. At the same time, the server 24 hours of operation and heat dissipation requirements are quite high, we need some relatively good products to support. At the same time, some machine rooms will be kept quiet, so customers need a fan free or low noise product.

Lori is a professional manufacturer of server heatsink, in order to meet the demand of the market, we will provide server users of high efficiency, high quality, low noise server heatsink, please see below we select server heatsinks,  Lori server heatsinks are mainly used in the server form of 1U,2U,3U,4U and so. 

You need a server heatsink to ensure your server doesn't overheat so that it can keep operating at optimal speeds. The Lori server heat sink can helps cool down your cpu processor, letting it run multiple programs at once. All Lori server heatsinks have been fully tested and validated by Lori to ensure the best quality and cooling performance, and also we have a spot, fast delivery,looking for Server heat sink? please contact our sales team to buy.

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