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Focus on server and PC cooler field, reliable quality, reasonable price, available in stock.
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Cpu Cooler
Support for various CPU server types, efficient heat sink. Factory direct sales, fast delivery, quality assurance
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Lori offer a full range of server cpu cooler solutions for various Intel and AMD sever CPU families supporting Intel sockets LGA 3647, 4189, 4677, 1700, 2011, and AMD Socket SP3 TR4, AM4, AM5, etc. In addition, we offer a full range of desktop cpu cooler solutions for a wide variety of Intel desktop cpu families that supports sockets LGA 115x, 2011, 775, and 1366, etc. Our products are based on our manufacturing expertise and are well designed in terms of thermal performance. We also have the sophisticated equipment needed to accurately measure its performance. We are here to provide best thermal solutions for your server cpu, desktop cpu and other cpu according to your specifications.

Full varieties, excellent prices, inventory, fast delivery, For questions about a current quote, please contact sales!


Founded in 2008 in Dongguan, Lori is a global cooling solution supplier, focusing on server and PC CPU cooling solutions research,development, production and sales. Lori specializes in manufacturing standard PC heat sinks, server heat sinks. At the same time we also provide OEM customers with any custom-designed cooling solution products. It includes active cpu cooler, passive cpu cooler, heat pipe heat sink, liquid cooling plate and so on. Our branded cooling solutions are widely recognized and integrated into desktop computers, servers, workstations, laptops, game consoles and storage systems.Today, Lori's heat sink manufacturing technology is the most advanced and efficient method of cpu cooler manufacturing for cooling solutions and is used in most system applications.


Lori cpu cooler heat sinks are exported to the global market, the company has a professional R & D, sales, production team, in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other places have offices, to fully promote our pre-sales and after-sales support. The production area of the factory is about 10,000 square meters, and the production equipment is complete. The production workshop mainly covers soldering product line, skiving fin line, stamping workshop, CNC machining workshop and so on. Perfect production process and quality system.




Our branded cooling solutions are widely recognized and integrated into desktop computers, servers, workstations, laptops, game consoles and storage systems.

We have provide unsurpassed OEM/ODM products and service with exceptional design flexiblity, No Non Recurring Engineering Cost.
Rapid Prototyping
Fast and low cost to speed the delivery
Quality Assured Products
Our company has many years of experience in research and development of production air cpu cooler , liquid cooler for PC,Server, workstations, and so on.
Thermal simulation
We have professional thermal design, research and development team, can provide thermal simulation in one day, and track and manage the whole process from thermal design to production.
High Efficiency Delivery Schedule
We have finished goods, semi-finished goods inventory, when we receive the customer's order, we can deliver within 3-10 days.
Cost Effectiveness Solution
Because the company has rich purchasing resources and management experience, so the purchase cost and production have been controlled effectively.


Welcome to read news from Shenzhen Lori Technology Co.,Ltd., here not only does it bring you up to speed in terms of industrial knowledge but also, what's more important, it sheds light on you to get heat sink, liquid cold plate friction stir welding;


We sincerely welcome domestic and oversea cooperator to visit and negotiate business to create success and prosperous future! We provide 24-hour online service, please click customer service staff for consultation.


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