Soldering Technology

Soldering technology is a way to closely combine two metals with low thermal resistance with solder paste, which is commonly aluminum & aluminum, copper & aluminum and copper & copper. 

  • This soldering process is widely used with CPU cooler and heatsink.

Intel 1u Passive Server Cpu Cooler With Soldering Process For  Socket LGA3647 Narrow

Copper & aluminum soldering for cpu heat sink

  1. Completely remove the oil stain, dirt and insulating layer on the base metal before soldering; When soldering, heat the base metal first, heat the thick part first, and then heat the thin part; Heat copper parts first, and then aluminum parts; Move the soldering gun back and forth to heat the soldering part evenly. When the temperature of the weldment reaches 450-500 ° C, add the soldering wire to the soldering part to melt the soldering wire evenly into the weld ( the flame can not be directly aligned with the soldering wire for heating, and the soldering wire is mainly melted by the temperature of the base metal ). Then slightly sweep the soldering part with flame to ensure the spreading and positioning of solder at the soldering part, remove the soldering gun and let it cool naturally, and then the soldering can be completed.
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