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Lori Best LGA 1700 Coolers For Intel CPUs with LGA 1700 socket

Lori Best LGA 1700 Coolers For Intel CPUs with LGA 1700 socket


If you are interested in purchasing a new CPU cooler for your new Intel CPU using the LGA 1700 socket, then you should consider the following LGA 1700 cpu coolers.

The following are the LGA 1700 CPU coolers that we can recommend for Intel CPUs with LGA 1700 socket:

1. Lori LGA1700-A36-1 CPU cooler 

The Lori LGA1700-A36-1 is a classic when it comes to custom PC builds and is a tried and tested CPU cooler that many enthusiasts can vouch for. This is a pretty beefy cpu cooler and should work fine with even the top-of-the-line Intel CPUs provided that you are not going to do any extreme overclocking.

The Lori LGA1700-A36-1 cpu cooler with 6 pcs 8mm heat pipes and a nickel-plated base. The fin design allows you to install RAM on either side. The LGA 1700 CPU cooler should blend in well with the rest of your build.

Lga 1700 cpu cooler

2. Lori LGA1700-A79 cooler

The Lori LGA1700-A79 cooler fills the gap between low profile cpu coolers and the really beefy dual tower cpu cooler models. Although the design is small and affordable, it comes with 5 heat pipes and a big aluminum base plate.

This is a small tower design cpu cooler with a 92mm fan. Even though this is a smaller CPU cooler it still competes well withthe larger cpu coolers that come with 120mm fans. The lga1700 cooler is 125.8 mm high and is meant for the smaller PC builds.

Lga1700 cooler

3. Lori LGA1700-A43 socket cooler (Best Small Form Cpu Cooler)

The Lori LGA1700-A43 is a thin and light CPU cooler that has a low profile and is aimed for small form factor PC builds. The high is just 67 mm and the weight is 306 grams with the fan installed. It has a single 120mm fan that can ramp up to 8000 RPM. There are rubber pads on the sides in order to reduce vibration and noise.

1700 socket cooler

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