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Lori Active 1U Server Amd Socket Sp3 TR4 Cpu Cooler with Copper Vapor Chamber

Lori Active 1U Server Amd Socket Sp3 TR4 Cpu Cooler with Copper Vapor Chamber
Model No:
AMD SP3 1U-C14
CPU Support:
AMD SP3 TR4 1U Server
CPU Socket:
AMD SP3 TR4 Socket
1U Server
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3-15days after the deposit received
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RoHS and REACH compliant

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Production Information

Product Specifications

Model NoAMD SP3 1U-C14TDP230W
CPU Socket typeAMD SP3 TR4 SocketVoltage Rating12V DC
Server Form Factor1U ServerBearing Type2 Ball Bearing
CPU Cooler dimensions120*82*28 mmFan Connector4pin PWM
Fan SpeedPWM 1500-6600RPMHeatsink material copper fins + copper base + copper vapor chamber
Fan Airflow21.35CFM (MAX)Cooling TypeActive with 8013 PWM Blower
Max Noise Level64.0dBA (MAX)Thermal GreaseShin-Etsu 7762 Pre-printed

Product Description

Socket sp3 cooler
Lori Active 1U Server Amd Socket Sp3 TR4 Cpu Cooler with Copper Vapor Chamber

Lori AMD socket sp3 tr4 cpu cooler is designed for AMD SP3 CPU Server Processor and Amd sp3 cpu tr4 socket, the sp3 cooler is copper fin stacked soldered on the copper vapor chamber base up to TDP 230W for 1U server solution. Th1u server amd socket sp3 tr4 cpu cooler has been fully tested and validated by Lori to ensure the best quality and cooling performance.

Product Details

1u cpu cooler
Part 1. Reflow soldering process 
The reflow soldering process for the copper vapor chamber with copper fin makes the contact better, stable thermal conductivity, the heat conversion rate is high, and the heat dissipation is efficient.
Amd sp3 cooler
Part 2. Using 8015 Blower
The amd sp3 cooler using 8015 blower, imported 1C original device, quiet, stable, strong wind, large air volume, fast and efficient heat dissipation. Unique fan blade design can effectively reduce the wind cutting sound generated by the fan blade.
Tr4 cpu cooler
Part.3. Double ball bearing
The amd socket sp3 tr4 cpu cooler's fan is double ball bearing blower
1. Double ball bearing fans have a long service life ranging from 50000 to 100000 and have good aging resistance.
2. Double ball bearings are embedded in the amd am4 socket cpu cooler fan, and the rotating part has no direct contact with the outside world, so it has good stability.
3. Double ball bearings can reduce friction resistance, add grease with appropriate consistency, adjust the clearance of bearings can make it flexible rotation.
Copper vapor chamber
Part 4. Using copper vapor chamber
The upper and lower copper plates are made of oxygen-free copper, and the capillary structure is made of copper powder sintering process. The temperature difference measured at any two points of the plate can be less than 10℃. Compared with the hot catheter, the conduction effect of the heat source is more uniform, and it has the advantages of low thermal resistance, uniform heat flux, rapid heat diffusion, light weight and so on
Copper vapor chamber
Part 5.Pre-Printed Shin-Etsu 7762 Thermal Grease
Pre-Printed Shin-Etsu 7762 thermal grease of the 1u cpu cooler is high performance silicon.The base is in direct contact with high efficiency for heat dissipation. The copper vapor chamber base is attached to the CPU. Through direct contact connection, heat can be quickly transmitted to the copper fin for heat dissipation.
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